ACE Support Lines

ACE and Refactored AESDirect Customer Support Teams.

Who do you call?

The International Trade Management Division (ITMD) along with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) are working hard to provide you with the best customer support during the transition to the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE). In order to help provide the most efficient support, we wanted to add clarity on the topics that each of our customer support staff is best equipped to handle. For each support staff, we have listed some high level topics that will help you identify who to contact for your specific situation.


CBP – ACE Support Desk

1-866-530-4172 option 1, then option 2

Signing up for the ACE Secure Data Portal

  • Helping decide what application to use, guide users to proper training and documentation
  • Assist finding Importing Side Trade Account Owner (TAO) for users with existing Import accounts
  • Troubleshooting Errors in ACE Portal or WEBFORM e-mails

ACE Portal Logins

  • Retrieving the Shared Secret
    • Your Account ID provided in the email is your Shared Secret for first time logins
  • Sending Password Resets
  • Performing Login Reactivations
  • Updating E-mail address
  • Login IDs are associated to an Individual and are not to be used by anyone else

Modifying the ACE Portal Company Structure

  • Removing mistyped EINs
  • Restructuring Exporter and Importer Views
  • Changing or updating the TAO

Running Reports

  • Performing basic steps to Request Authorization for Export Reports
    • Additional support is found with the Trade Outreach Branch in ITMD (see below)
  • Assigning Roles to users once Authorized
  • Running Reports
    • Route to Training documents
    • Assist running standard Export Reports
    • Troubleshooting Errors

Export Filing

  • Helping customers navigate to the Exporter View and select ‘Submit AESDirect Filing’ link to access the Export Filing Portal
  • Troubleshooting ‘Submit AESDirect Filing’ link functionality and getting to the Filing Function
  • Routing customers to Census AESDirect Client Support once in the Export Filing Portal for support


CENSUS – International Trade Management Division (ITMD), 800-549-0595

Export Filing – AESDirect Client Support

800-549-0595 option 1

  • Signing-up with the ACE Export Online Application
  • Providing assistance with Refactored AESDirect transition documentation, such as Getting into the Export Filing Portal, and Submitting Export Filings
  • Filing EEI within the Export Filing Portal (Refactored AESDirect)
  • Escalating any Export Filing Portal technical issues to CBP
  • Redirecting users (current/potential) of the ACE Portal not in the Export Filing Portal to ACE Support Desk
  • Assisting users with Fatal Errors, Compliance Alerts and other informational messages received in the Export Filing Portal

Export Reports – Trade Outreach Branch,, 800-549-0595 option 5

  • Assisting customers with Certificate Of Authority (COA)  letter and other processing for Export Reports authorization
  • Vetting companies to receive access to the Export Reports (new data request function)
  • Providing support on running Export Reports in ACE


Additional information about the transition is at the ACE Transition page.