Press Release from Atlantic Container Line

In recent weeks demand for truck power across North America has significantly escalated.

As a consequence of this ongoing upswing in demand, there is now a general and widespread shortage of reliable haulage suppliers in all major markets. Existing capacity is severely overburdened – most notably in and around the busy and congested ports and rail hubs – and for the moment, the situation looks like it will only continue to deteriorate. Many trucking companies are now booked-up for weeks in advance, or are unable or unwilling, to commit to the simplest of jobs.

As a consequence, Atlantic Container Line’s ability to effect intermodal pick-up and deliveries in North America has been seriously impacted.  This is not a price issue. Unfortunately, the reality is that there is simply not enough labor or trucks available to viably handle the industry’s current workload.

While Atlantic Container Line seeks to provide all its valued customers with a premium service, it is apparent, that as the situation currently stands, guaranteeing door deliveries and pick-ups on a timely basis as part of a ” thru rate ”  is extremely difficult, if not at times impossible.

Accordingly, please be aware that while this unfortunate demand and supply imbalance prevails, Atlantic Container Line cannot be responsible for any third party costs that are associated with our inability to secure adequate truck power to deliver or spot containers in North America on a timely basis. These costs may include, but are not limited to, storage fees, additional warehouse labor and demurrage.

Please rest assured, that wherever possible, Atlantic Container Line will endeavor to meet your haulage requirements with whatever resources we have at our disposal.  We continue to look for new vendors in all markets, and we hope that the general supply will soon catch up with demand, enabling us to effect all our North American intermodal orders smoothly and promptly.    Thank you for your cooperation.



In the past couple of weeks, and even sporadically over these few months, we have seen truck capacity decreases, congestion, and shutdowns due to weather.  Your Scarbrough representatives, along with carriers, trucking companies, and other service providers are working together to provide you with the best customer service we can in order to deliver your goods in the most seamless fashion possible.  Each and every one of our customers’ freight is important to us and we understand the deadlines and expectations… we are your partner and we will do all we can to represent you.  If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact your local representative or email