Africa Port Expansion 2017

Africa is experiencing a major surge in trade over the past few years due to the ever-growing cargo volume across its ports. In a continent where nearly 90% of international trade happens by sea, several government authorities across Africa are investing millions to increase their capacity in a bid to become the region’s main shipping hub.

With port development in Africa projected to grow strongly, new projects are being announced creating exceptional maritime business opportunities as ports strive to deliver world-class services and facilities as well as improve efficiencies.

With an array of opportunities, the expansion and rehabilitation of ports is no easy task. The lack of adequate infrastructure and long ship waiting times continue to hamper productivity for the African maritime sector, but a wave of new investments are set to drive growth over the medium term.

Africa Ports Expansion Conference to be held in Mombasa, Kenya, March 20-21, where key stakeholders and project owners will gather to discuss:

• Infrastructure development plans to improve operational and logistical efficiencies
• Increasing port capacity to enhance terminal operations
• Collaboration between road, rail and sea to reduce cargo dwell time
• Current major port projects taking place across Africa

Don’t miss this chance to meet major stakeholders from the maritime industry in Africa and find out more about the opportunities and requirements for the upcoming ports in the region.


Africa Port Expansion 2017