Air Cargo Security Program Information Collection Under Review

Excerpt from: Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade | March 18, 2016

The Transportation Security Administration will accept comments no later than April 18 on its proposed revision of an information collection on air cargo security that includes the following elements.

Aircraft operators, foreign air carriers and indirect air carriers to collect certain information as part of the implementation of a standard security program, to submit modifications to the standard security program to TSA for approval, and to update such programs as necessary.

As part of these security programs, the regulated entities must collect and submit personal information so that TSA may conduct STAs on individuals with unescorted access to cargo.

Both companies and individuals whom aircraft operators, foreign air carriers and IACs have qualified to ship cargo on passenger aircraft (known shippers) must submit information electronically to TSA through the Known Shipper Management System.

Regulated entities must enter into the Indirect Air Carrier Management System the information required from applicants requesting to be approved as IACs and the information required for their IAC annual renewal.

Regulated entities must maintain records, including records pertaining to security programs, training and compliance, to demonstrate adherence with the regulatory requirements.

TSA is revising this information collection to include information from select aircraft operators and foreign air carriers operating under certain amendments to their security programs. These entities must provide to TSA detailed screening volumes and the methodology utilized to arrive at these volumes and must also demonstrate progress toward full compliance with the cargo security measures specified in such amendments.