CTPAT: Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism

ctpat-iconU.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) offers businesses an opportunity to play an active role against terrorism and simultaneously manage a trade compliant global supply chain.  By participating in this first worldwide supply chain security initiative, companies will ensure a more secure supply chain for their employees, suppliers and customers.

Through voluntary participation, CTPAT increases supply chain security for companies across the globe. There are numerous benefits to becoming and conducting business with CTPAT members.


  • good corporate citizenship
  • A reduced number of inspections and reduced border wait times
  • faster processing of Customs entries
  • which means faster releases of merchandise
  • shortened supply chain
  • A CTPAT supply chain specialist to serve as the CBP liaison for validations, security issues, procedural updates, communication and training.
  • Self-policing and self-monitoring of security activities.
  • In the Automated Commercial System (ACS), CTPAT certified importers receive reduced selection rate for Compliance Measurement Examinations and exclusion from certain trade-related local and national criteria.
  • CTPAT certified importers receive targeting benefits by receiving a “credit” via the CBP targeting system.
  • Certified CTPAT importers are eligible for access to the FAST lanes on the Canadian and Mexican borders.
  • CTPAT certified highway carriers, on the Canadian and Mexican borders, benefit from their access to the expedited cargo processing at designated FAST lanes. These carriers are eligible to receive more favorable mitigation relief from monetary penalties.
  • CTPAT certified Mexican manufacturers benefit from their access to the expedited cargo processing at the designated FAST lanes.

ctpat for exportersCTPAT is not only for U.S. importers.

It is also offered to U.S. exporters, as well.  Exporters also have access to  numerous advantages that leverage their outbound supply chain.  Companies have found that joining CTPAT often results in discovering outdated procedures and/or discovering better practices.  It is important to note that if another terrorist attack such as the 9/11 event were to occur, CTPAT members will be able to maintain assurance that the supply chain will remain open versus those that have not chosen to participate as they will be viewed as greater security risks to CBP and other government agencies.

Scarbrough International’s consulting team of experts can assist your company in becoming CTPAT validated. Scarbrough International, Ltd.’s CTPAT Status Verification Interface Participant (SVIP) Number is scaBro00507 and we are proud to be CTPAT certified and validated since 2003.