Canada Announces Final ELD Mandate

On June 13, 2019, Canada’s Federal Government announced the final ruling for mandatory Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) for commercial vehicles with effective date of June 12, 2021. This marks a two-year implementation period in Canada for all applicable commercial vehicles. The reasoning behind the transition is simply to become more efficient.   Instead of a driver spending time with paper work to log their miles, the ELD will do it for them and allow the driver to hit the road again in a timely manner. Also this new system can help reduce human error and increases driver safety.  The ELD tracks a truck’s movements, and allows a user to build a history report on the driver’s ability to perform tasks safely.

Canada mandates ELD's


An Electronic Logging Device (ELD) is used to track the hours of operation of a commercial motor vehicle. This device helps capture hours of service (HOS), vehicle engine data, movement, and miles driven.

Key features:

  • Internal synchronization with the engine control module
  • Automatically record driving time and details
  • Records location
  • Electronic data transfer: telematic (wireless or email) or local (USB 2.0 or Bluetooth)
  • Tamper prevention
  • Certification of driver records (at end of each 24 hr period)
  • Displays report for safety officials on-demand (on screen or print-out)
  • User manual
  • Audio controls (volume and mute)

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