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CargoSphere Extension Supports Scarbrough International’s Global Growth

– Fast quoting capabilities are key driver in business wins –


Chapel Hill, North Carolina, November 3, 2015 – CargoSphere, the leading, cloud-based global rate management platform and confidential Rate Mesh, today announces a long-term contract extension with Scarbrough International, Ltd. a U.S. & Mexican Customs Broker and international and domestic transportation provider.  The Kansas City-headquartered firm was established in 1984 and over the last 7 years has continued to grow staff and offices, including recent acquisitions that created their new affiliate – Scarbrough de Mexico in Nuevo Laredo, México.  With this expansion and the company’s growing Europe and Asia business, Scarbrough found it needed greater rate technology capabilities to effectively service its clients’ global shipping needs.  Scarbrough benefits from the following CargoSphere rate solutions:  fast quoting of air, ocean and truck rates, real-time CargoSphere Rate Mesh rate sharing and receiving from agent partners and global forwarding networks, and automated FMC tariff filing.

Electronic, Web-based quoting to clients by all 7 Scarbrough offices enables a consistent, accurate and expedited process and streamlines downstream administrative procedures.   Scarbrough’s offices are located in Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, Des Moines, Laredo, Nuevo Laredo, and Shanghai.

Adam Hill, Scarbrough’s Vice President of Operations emphasized the value of speed when responding to customer quote requests, “From time to time, we win business simply because we’re the first to respond.” 

Adam continued, “Fast quoting is critical to meeting our customers’ expectations.  In the 21st century there’s no doubt that a successful logistics business must adopt the latest technology to ensure customer satisfaction and benefit from the efficiency it delivers.  But, nothing replaces the importance of our people and the care we put into our customer service at Scarbrough.”

Neil Barni, president of CargoSphere, said, “Global forwarders access CargoSphere’s rate technology to outperform their competition and win more business.  Scarbrough has always been at the forefront of technology adoption and has been a valued customer the last 7 years.  We’re pleased to continue developing this relationship with them.”


Frank the Forwarder video explains how CargoSphere’s contract and rate management and Rate Mesh solutions work.  Learn more here – video.




About Scarbrough International

Scarbrough International, Ltd. was established in 1984 and is one of the leading service and technology minded logistics firms in the U.S. Scarbrough is headquartered in the heart of America, Kansas City, with U.S. offices in Chicago, St. Louis, Laredo and Des Moines.  The company also has offices in Shanghai and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.  Scarbrough embraces its long term client partnerships and offers international consulting, U.S. and Mexican Customs brokerage, import and export global freight forwarding, NAFTA and domestic trucking, and warehouse services.

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About CargoSphere

Established in 1999, CargoSphere powers the industry’s first cloud-based, confidential global rate solution and Rate Mesh Network.  CargoSphere is enabling a paradigm shift from outsourced contract management to self-management through innovative technology like SUDS (Smart Upload and Diagnostic Solution).  SUDS intelligently reads static carrier-rate files directly into the CargoSphere cloud database.  It significantly reduces the complexity and time-consuming task of managing freight rate contracts.

CargoSphere’s world-class contract and rate management functionality enables rate quoting, rate distribution and agent rate collaboration through the CargoSphere Rate Mesh.  CargoSphere allows each of its global clients to create a private network of trusted parties.  The Rate Mesh seamlessly and confidentially connects trading partners allowing them to integrate and simplify rate communication.


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