Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) workers are in position to strike as early as June 6, 2024, potentially causing travel and trade disruptions. The workers’ union, the Public Service Alliance (PSAC), is continuing to negotiate with the Treasury Board, but the workers have already voted to strike if negotiations aren’t successful.

As many as 9,000 or more workers could join the picket lines beginning on Thursday. However, 90% of CBSA workers are considered essential workers and therefore cannot strike.

A strike could cause disruptions across the country, especially at the border. A similar strike three years ago severely crippled border crossings for people and goods. Goods will still continue to flow into the country, but delays are expected.

More extreme delays are expected to impact other trade programs. Things like duty drawback, rulings, refunds, and exams could be the most heavily impacted of all.

A strike is far from certain as the PSAC and Treasury Board continue to negotiate a deal that would be more agreeable to the workers. If you have concerns about how a strike could impact your business, please reach out to your Scarbrough representative.

We will continue to monitor the situation and inform you of any possible changes.