Just recently President Trump visited Beijing for trade discussions.  

  • both sides reached a consensus on some trade issues while acknowledging major disagreements on some matters
  • both sides outlined a series of tough demands
  • both sides agreed to keep discussions on the table

We picked up a few key points in an article by Bloomberg in American Journal of Transportation.

The United States requests from China:

  • to reduce support for high-tech industries, allow U.S. companies non-discriminatory access in China
  • to cut the trade deficit by at least $200 billion by the end of 2020 from 2018
  • to avoid any retaliation
  • to drop World Trade Organization cases
  • to agree to quarterly reviews of its progress in meeting targets

China requests from the United States:

  • to stop its 301 investigation into Chinese intellectual property abuses
  • to drop planned 25 percent extra tariffs on Chinese goods
  • to end discrimination against Chinese companies in national security reviews
  • to open its e-payment market and approve China International Capital Corp.’s application for a financial license

After these discussions, both countries have agreed to continue future discussions, but “any deal appears to be a long way off,” according to a Bloomberg article posted in American Journal of Transportation.