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Scarbrough Consulting is committed to offering trade-focused consultative services with years of experience in classifications, CBP voluntary programs, audit reviews, and transportation analysis. 

As a group of logistics companies focused on multiple parts of the transportation life cycle, the Scarbrough team of experts will assess the transportation, regulatory and compliance elements of an import or export supply chain. Our professionals can determine missed opportunities with financial savings and prevent potential exposure to violations prior to a government entity identifying violations costing additional time and money to remediate.

Classification reviews:

Presently, the simplest part of an imported product may be the customs classification. However, the following processes are more complex:

  • Whether or not the goods are subject to antidumping or countervailing duties.
  • Additional trade remedy duties like Section 301 or 232, dependent upon the country of origin.
  • Proper labeling, marking and reporting of additional data to participating government agencies such as the FDA, DOT, and EPA.

Scarbrough Consulting appraises individual HTS numbers for accuracy and presents new products to CBP for a binding ruling. Then takes the additional steps to solidify landed costs and prevent unwanted rate advances months or years down the line.

Scarbrough’s level of care and expertise sets us apart.  We successfully work with importers overpaying duties and secure refunds from CBP for clients.

Further, the HTS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule) changes multiple times per year. Scarbrough will ensure the accuracy of data shared via automation processes and your product records and current HTS are in alignment.

USMCA eligibility and recordkeeping:

With offices in Laredo and Nuevo Laredo, Scarbrough operates on both sides of the US / Mexico border. The change from NAFTA to USMCA this year directly touched on recordkeeping, declaration submission methods and regional value content levels. Scarbrough has been working with US and Mexican manufacturers, importers and distributors to analyze their supply chains and safeguard compliance with customs authorities on both sides of the border.

CBP voluntary program application and retention:

Customs and Border Protection offers multiple programs to provide importers with benefits such as reduced inspections and “get out of jail free cards”. CTPAT comes with lengthy application processes and further back-and-forth including additional data submissions, facility visits to determine eligibility and rules to adhere to for remaining a member in good standing. 

Scarbrough Consulting has worked with a number of companies now providing professional assistance from the initial application through validation, acceptance and portal renewals. 

Scarbrough offers a free 30-minute consultation.

If your goal is to validate the performance of your current customs broker, remediate and prevent an error, or develop a compliance regimen, contact Scarbrough Consulting for a complimentary thirty-minute consultation with one of our consulting experts.

We are happy to discuss our process, give you a checklist of things to audit within your organization and demonstrate that partnering with us will yield positive results.