Scarbrough Global expanded its customs brokerage and freight forwarding services to cover North America, providing comprehensive customs clearance, post-entry, and delivery services in the U.S., Mexico, and now Canada. This expansion ensures seamless transactions at all Canadian ports and across various transport modes, enhancing North American trade efficiency.

To support clients who import cargo into Canada, Scarbrough is hosting a webinar on April 30th discussing the rollout and implementation of CARM, or the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Assessment and Revenue Management Project,

This transformative digital initiative is set to revolutionize the importation process for commercial goods into Canada. CARM is now scheduled for full implementation in October 2024 and aims to modernize and streamline customs clearance procedures, affecting Canadian and non-resident importers (NRIs).

Understanding and adapting to CARM is crucial for U.S. exporters, especially those who act as NRIs in Canada. NRIs, defined as businesses outside of Canada that ship goods into the country, must register and adjust their systems and practices before the deadline. Registration may involve engaging with Canadian customs brokers for assistance and familiarizing themselves with CARM’s requirements through provided resources such as webinars and user guides.

The registration process for CARM involves several steps, including obtaining a Business Number (BN), creating a CARM account portal, linking user accounts with the business account, and granting access to employees or representatives. Importers and NRIs should delegate a Business Account Manager (BAM) and consider multifactor authorization for added security.

Key tips for navigating the CARM onboarding process include selecting a Sign-In Partner or creating a GC Key for secure access, setting up personal profiles and preferences, and requesting a Statement of Account from customs brokers to reconcile transactions. Additionally, deciding on delegating authority to various stakeholders, such as employees, customs brokers, and consultants, is essential.

As the October 2024 deadline approaches, importers and NRIs should prioritize registering for CARM and familiarizing themselves with its requirements to ensure a smooth transition. While the process may seem daunting initially, leveraging Scarbrough Global’s Canadian customs brokerage service resources and adhering to best practices will ensure compliance with CARM regulations. If you want to expand your Canadian footprint, contact your Scarbrough Global representative.