Ensure You Have an ACE Account in Advance of the NEW AESDirect Filing Portal Deployment this Fall!

Excerpt from: U.S. Census Bureau | September 3, 2015

All AESDirect filers are encouraged to apply for an ACE Exporter Account so that you will be able to access the NEW AESDirect Portal when it is available. This includes all filers that use AESDirect Weblink and connect through a 3rd party website or submit EDI through AESDirect.

A few key facts:

  • The NEW AESDirect Portal in ACE will be available for live shipment filing this fall!
  • AESDirect and AESPcLink functionality will be included in this central online portal.
  • The ability to upload an EDI batch file will be a part of the fall deployment.
  • The Legacy AESDirect application (aesdirect.census.gov) will remain available through a transition period of several months after the deployment.
  • If you do not have an ACE account, register here NOW!   An ACE account allows for multiple EINs to be managed under a main level account so be sure that you create a main account and then add additional EINs to it.
  • If you have an ACE importer account then you should contact your company’s Trade Account Owner (TAO) to request that the exporter role is added to your account.
  • Once your Exporter account is set-up, begin creating Trade Account Users (TAUs) so that when the AESDirect Portal is available your staff is ready to file.


The AESDirect Portal in ACE is coming soon so be prepared by ensuring you have ACE access today!!!

Be on the lookout for updates to include more information regarding EDI and Weblink features in AESDirect in the next few weeks!


For more information or questions, contact the U.S. Census Bureau’s Data Collection Branch.

Telephone: (800) 549-0595, select option 1 for AES

Email: askaes@census.gov

Online: www.census.gov/trade

Blog: http://globalreach.blogs.census.gov