U.S. Exports Targeted for Additional Duty in EU Countries.

The European Commission adopted a new regulation on June 20, 2018 putting in place the “EU’s rebalancing measures in response to U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum.  The measures will immediately target a list of products worth €2.8 billion and will come into effect on Friday 22 June.”  Additional duty rates imposed are 10%, 25%, or 50%.  When glancing at the full commodity list, the majority of duty rates appear to be 25% or 50%.

The EU Commissioner for Trade states, “…if the US removes its tariffs, our measures will also be removed.”

The EU rebalancing measures will be effective for as long as the U.S. measures are in place, in line with the WTO Safeguards Agreement and EU legislation.

Some of the targeted items include, but are not limited to:

  • corn
  • grain
  • orange juice
  • cranberries
  • tobacco
  • whiskey
  • products related to t-shirts, textiles, and other apparel
  • footwear
  • articles of iron, steel, aluminum
  • motorcycles
  • motor vehicles
  • boats
  • some products related to make up
  • some products related to paper
  • household, toilet, tableware, and kitchenware
  • different types of glass
  • washing machines
  • seats
  • playing cards


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