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Agribusiness News
China announces a 33.8% duty on all dried distillers grains from the US in response to a recent WTO complaint by the US Government on China. China is the world’s top buyer dried distillers grains, a byproduct of corn based ethanol production, which is used to feed livestock.  Almost all of its imports of this product come from the United States, and was worth about $1.6 billion in the last year.

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China and Canada talk Free Trade Agreement
Prime Minister Jason Trudeau and Premier Li Keqiang have agreed to strengthen ties in economic, trade and other fields.  They have even agreed to begin talks for a potential free trade agreement, and China is now willing to import Canadian beef and canola exports from Canada. This is the first time a Chinese premier has visited Canada in 13 years.

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Philippines and Mexico talk Free Trade Agreement
Trade Secretary of Mexico, Ramon Lopez, and Philippines Julio Camarena Villaseñor met last week discussing the potential free trade agreement between the two countries.  Mexico currently has some larger investments in the Philippines making it an attractive country to do business with.  Philippines plans to send a trade and investment mission to Mexico to look at the potential business opportunities the country could offer.

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