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U.S. Import General Rate Increase for 

Full Container and Less than Container Freight

Carriers have announced a General Rate Increase (GRI) for the Asia to North America Lane effective January 1, 2016.  Based on this information, please be aware that forwarders are required by the FMC to announce possible rate increases 30 days in advance.  Please also note that these are carrier announced GRI’s and may be mitigated.  If carriers actually follow through with implementing this charge, Scarbrough will begin charging GRI on all FCL and LCL cargo that departs Asia on January 01, 2016.

Scarbrough continually works with carriers to waive or mitigate these charges.

If anything changes, we will inform you as applicable.


From ASIA only

to or via All U.S. West Coast Ports:

Rates will be $1080 / $1200 / $1350

Per  20′ / 40′/ 40′HQ

LCL Cargo:  $20 per W/M

to or via All U.S. East Coast Ports:

Rates will be $1440 / $1600 / $1800

Per  20′ / 40′/ 40′HQ

LCL Cargo:  $26 per W/M

We appreciate the opportunity to be your global logistics service provider. Please contact your Direct Relations Manager or in-house Customer Service Representative with any questions.

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