Happy Anniversary!

Scarbrough offices in Nuevo Laredo, TX and Laredo, México celebrated their 1 year anniversary on August 1, 2016!

In this exciting past year, we have learned:

• Nothing happens until sundown because the heat in Laredo will melt your flip flops
• Lunch is served at 3pm.
• Working until 9pm isn’t unheard of.
• First time Scarbrough visitors to the Laredo office must buy “mariachis” from the truck around the corner for everyone
• If you go “UP,” you better be ready to enter Mexico

• Making coffee is a group event
• Español, English, Spanglish is all spoken
• Instead of an office Chili Cook Off, it’s a Menudo Cook off
• “If it is 105 degrees outside and you smell a backyard barbecue … you must be in Laredo.”

Most of all, we have learned and know our Border Crossing team is the best of the best!

Meet our valuable and dedicated team below!

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Nicoricardo RAUL