How to Stay above Competition by holding UPS and Fedex Accountable

In this day in age, an organization must do all it can to cut costs and stay above competition.  One way to do this is through technology.

Most of you reading this know that technology is extremely beneficial especially when it comes to analyzing historical data.  What about real-time data? What about data that isn’t in your own system?

The technology pulled from parcel carriers can be a treasure, but effectively leveraging that data is a major challenge.  The data we pull helps you discover parcel shipping errors, track where it’s going wrong, and find ways to solve the issues.


UPS and Fedex Accountable


I don’t have time to do all that.  And, are you sure this will save my company enough money to even consider?

That’s where we come in.

In short, we empower you to hold the carriers accountable to deliver as promised.

If your company spends over $50k in parcel spend, then you will be eligible to save up to 10-30% annually by using data-driven negotiation tools and undergoing a parcel audit.

Let’s hold UPS and Fedex accountable.

What a lot of companies don’t realize is the amount of money they can put back toward the bottom line just in service failures from UPS and Fedex.  What’s fair is fair.  Recouping parcel costs isn’t about placing blame –it’s about holding parcel carriers accountable to their promises.  That’s what the parcel audit helps you do.

But how much will this cost?

The parcel audit is free. We make our money only if you get money back from the big guys.  We take some and you take some. It’s a win-win and we manage it all for you.

Can’t decide if this technology platform is for you?  Don’t worry.  We have a team of experts that will analyze your parcel spend and tell you if you should proceed or if it’s a waste of time.  If you decide you want to save the company some major money, the set up only takes 3 minutes.

Okay, I want to learn more.

Come to our online Q&A Session on April 3, 2019 @ 1:30 pm.  Bring questions to ask via live chat or submit them ahead of time.  Can’t make it?  Don’t worry.  We post all recordings on our On Demand Training Page.