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China and Uruguay to Sign Free Trade Deal

Uruguay intends to strengthen its trade relations with China through a Free Trade Agreement (FTA), said Antonio Carambula, the executive director of the Uruguay XXI – the investment and export promotion institute.  Read full article.

Australia and Singapore to Sign Updated Free Trade Deal

An update to the 2003 Singapore-Australia Free Trade Agreement will be the “most comprehensive” free trade deal Australia ever signed, Trade Minister Steve Ciobo said on Thursday.  Read full article.

Japan Pushes U.S. to pass TPP Deal

“It is imperative Japan take the lead in aproving the deal and create momentum within the U.S.,” Noburtu Ishihara, minister in charge of economic revitalization, told a special Lower House committee on the TPP.  “We need to steer America.”  Read full article.

Suez Canal negotiating radical pricing rethink

The Suez Canal Authority is in discussions with a number of the world’s leading containerlines in a move that could intensify the battle for business the waterway is fighting with the expanded Panama Canal.  Read full article.

Eliminating every border threat is unrealistic, CBP chief says

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Gil Kerlikowske lamented the political pressure agencies are under to stop every illegal immigrant or cargo shipment, saying that it is too costly from a budget and economic standpoint. Read full article.

CBP to Modernize Notice of Liquidation

Notifying importers of their final duty calculations on entries would be handled online rather than by mail or checking paper documents at the Customs house under a proposed regulatory change from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.  Read full article.