Are you getting what you need or require from your current freight forwarder or Customs broker? What is the first thing that comes to mind when discussing who you use to someone?  The reason I ask, as Inside Sales Manager for Scarbrough International, Ltd., I receive daily inquiries from dissatisfied importers & exporters. Do you fall into this category?

The top three complaints we receive:

1. Single Point of Contact

“I never know who my account representative is and I’m tired of waiting on an 1-800 line to talk to someone different every time.”

This is a large problem many forwarders face these days. Many large style forwarders or conglomerates have recently acquired some of the mid-sized freight forwarders leaving your account in flux. Your account rep has mostly likely changed several times, or perhaps you no longer even have a direct representative.

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Solution: Scarbrough always provides a single point of contact. That means just one dedicated representative you can always rely on. In fact, 20% of our account representatives have been with Scarbrough over 10 years, and 75% of reps have been with Scarbrough for at least 5 years.

Scarbrough’s intential Client Relations program links clients with dedicated Client Relations Managers to ensure we understand expectations and go above and beyond to deliver. Roger Scarbrough’s philosophy of “Simply the Best,” has been instilled in our staff for over 30 years.

2. Customer Service

“The customer service we receive is poor at best.”

This is not surprising as many reps constantly turn over, are new to the industry, or are even non-existent.  In a digital world, forwarders rely a lot on technology and tend to forget about the option of picking up the phone or meeting face-to-face. They process their clients as numbers, not as people.

Solution: Scarbrough has built its reputation on providing excellent customer service no matter how large or small the customer. All of our employees receive annual customer service training to ensure all of your needs are met. In fact, we still have our very first client to this day.  Furthermore, we make it a point to make YOUR job easier.  We want YOU to win Employee of the Month at your company. We work as a true extension of your company and root for you everyday.

3. Competitive Pricing

“Our rates no longer seem competitive.”

If you have been in the import/export market over the last 5 years you know how volatile the markets have become. A rate that seems great one day is obsolete the next.

Solution: Scarbrough partners with the most aggressive overseas companies to ensure that you are receiving the best rates in the market. Do you need updated rates every 30/15/7 days? We can do that, just ask us.

Scarbrough’s reputation has been built by establishing a rigid foundation surrounding its clients’ needs and expectations. By understanding those needs and being able to customize solutions, Scarbrough has been able to service clients in a way that no other Customs broker or forwarder can match. 

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