Demand is high. Really high.  

The demand for airfreight from Italy is at an all time high. One of our Italian partners, Luca Lopez with Embassy Cargo admits, “I am on the market since 23 years and I have never seen anything like this.” Suppliers can’t seem to keep up with demand, so much that highly desired products are being shipped air freight more so than ocean freight.  And if you have a very large shipment, this could be a very large problem.

Why should I care?

It’s interesting because even our partners haven’t seen this type of problem in their careers of international shipping.  Plus, if you are wanting to import something fast from Italy, you better think twice…. at least on how you will route it to the U.S. or split it up anyway.


An Italian Point of View

This is what one of our Italian partners at Embassy Cargo has to say:

“What makes the situation extremely complicated is that now the airfreight industry here, is experiencing a ‘perfect storm.’
The actual flight situation to the North Atlantic area from Italy and Europe is totally out of control for all destinations and for all airlines.
With extremely long transit times and airfreight buying rates totally crazy, at least 300% more than usual.  That goes for both large and small shipments. Rates are increasing day by day.
Most airlines are not even accepting any bookings at all, nor are they responding to any requests at all. Simply all airlines have reached a level of disservice and bad performance.  It’s almost a disgrace.
It’s intolerable, for sure. But that’s what’s happening.
In fact, the Italian Freight Forwarder Association has issued an official letter that is well describing what is going on. Click here for the official communication.
I think this is totally crazy and unacceptable. Believe me, I never want to provide these kind of rates or information.”



Unfortunately, this situation seems to be prominent throughout all of Europe, perhaps not as bad, but it still exists.


What do we suggest?

Plan ahead. Be flexible. Split shipments up. Be creative in your logistics plan. Route it differently. Think outside the box… and allow us to help you do that too.

If you have any questions, we are here to help!  Email now.