It is our job to make your job easier.

An interesting article by Bradley Hartwig in Inbound Logistics mentions something that Scarbrough Transportation, Scarbrough’s Domestic Brokerage Division, deals with every day.  Scarbrough’s dedicated team works diligently to find capacity, find a truck, and find a driver to meet our clients’ needs.

That is our job.  It is what we are good at.  Let us do that for you!

In Bradley’s article, he mentions,

Searching for capacity is a tough job.  The number of carriers out there is astronomical, but there is always somebody driving where you need to go.


And that is true.  

Scarbrough has several contracts in place, allowing us to have buying power on your behalf.  Our Online Domestic Portal allows you to search for an LTL carrier, see the rates, and choose which carrier you prefer based on cost, transit time, values, etc.  When it comes to your atypical shipment, oversized cargo, expedited delivery, among other circumstances,knowing they [trucks] are there doesn’t make them any easier to find; it takes tenacity, honesty, and persistence.


Again, that’s exactly what Scarbrough does.

Bradley’s article goes on to talk about building a substantial portfolio of carriers.  Scarbrough has developed longstanding relationships with its carriers and works with them hand-in-hand to provide the very best customer service.

Let us make your job easier.   

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