LA-Long Beach terminals won’t weigh containers to comply with SOLAS

According to Bill Mongelluzzo with the Journal of Commerce,

Terminal operators in Los Angeles-Long Beach do not have the infrastructure that would allow them to weigh containers before they are loaded onto ships, so shippers will have to make other arrangements for obtaining the required verified gross mass of the containers before a July 1 international deadline takes effect, the terminals stated late Friday through a spokesperson.”


Scarbrough’s experience with the terminal at LA-Long Beach is different from what is stated above. We have experience with the terminals weighing boxes when they receive them.  In fact, one partner trucking company sends us trailer interchange receipts (TIRs) with the indicated weight. The weight may not always be accurate, but it does indicate that the terminals are in fact weighing the containers.

Many of the longshoremen’s benefits and such are predicated not only on the number of containers which transit through their terminals, but also the containers’ weights.

To read the full Journal of Commerce article, click here.

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