Lacey Act Import Declaration Now Required for 20 Additional Plant Products

Excerpt from: Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade | September 09 2015

Effective Aug. 6, the Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service implemented phase V of the Lacey Act import declaration enforcement schedule. As a result, imports of plants and plant products under the following 20 HTSUS subheadings must now be accompanied by an import declaration (PPQ form 505) that contains, among other things, the scientific name of the plant, the value of the importation, the quantity of the plant and the name of the country where the plant was harvested.

– 4416.00.3010 (new casks, barrels and parts of wood)

– 4416.00.3020 (used assembled casks of wood)

– 4416.00.3030 (used unassembled casks of wood)

– 4416.00.6010 (new barrel staves of wood)

– 4416.00.6020 (new barrel hoops of softwood)

– 4416.00.6030 (new tight barrelheads of wood)

– 4416.00.6040 (used barrels staves of softwood)

– 4416.00.6050 (used hoops, tight barrelheads of softwood)

– 4416.00.9020 (new other casks, barrels, wood)

– 4416.00.9040 (used other cooper goods, wood)

– 8211.92.6000 (hunting knives with wood handles)

– 8215.99.2400 (table barbeque forks with wood handles)

– 9401.61.2010 (upholstered teak chairs, household)

– 9401.61.2030 (upholstered teak chairs, other)

– 9401.90.1500 (parts of bent-wood seats)

– 9403.30.4000 (bent-wood office furniture)

– 9403.40.4000 (bent-wood kitchen furniture)

– 9403.50.4000 (bent-wood bedroom furniture)

– 9403.60.4000 (other bent-wood furniture)

– 9614.00.2100 (rough wood blocks for smoking pipe manufacture)

Failure to file an import declaration for these products may result in civil or criminal penalties and forfeiture of shipments.
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