Mexico’s Friendly Skies

Excerpt from: American Shipper | By:Jon Ross | December 13 2014

Anthony Foxx, U.S. transportation secretary, says, “This agreement is the result of the commitment on both sides of the border to strengthen the strong bonds of trade and tourism between our two countries.”

Starting Jan. 1, 2016, U.S. cargo airlines will have a greater opportunity to grab a larger piece of the air freight trade between Mexico and the United States. 

According to the Commerce Department, total trade with Mexico by air grew:

$1.95 billion in 1990 – $13.47 billion in 2000 (a peak that wasn’t surpassed again until 2009).

In 2010, trade between the United States and Mexico had topped $18 billion, but three years later, air trade equaled just more than $15 billion, the last year in a steady downfall from 2010’s result.  Of course, air freight is one of the smallest pieces of a transportation puzzle that reached $506.61 billion in 2013. The biggest part, by far, is trucking, which resulted in $335.51 that year.

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