ANNOUNCEMENT: Scarbrough Consulting Relaunch

Scarbrough Global is thrilled to announce the relaunch and revamp of Scarbrough Consulting. Consulting was established in 2018 and was the fourth main operating company to be added as a wholly owned subsidiary of Scarbrough Global. Consulting will now be divided into two divisions: Supply Chain Services headed by Geoff Chambers and Global Trade Services led by Alyson Schroer.

“I am very excited for this relaunch of Scarbrough Consulting,” stated Adam Hill, Scarbrough Global’s President and COO. “This has been a business that we have not put as much focus on as an organization, but that is all changing with the split into the two new divisions. We have the bandwidth to handle many more needs for our clients,” continued Hill.

Supply Chain Services 

Geoff Chambers has been a valuable member of Scarbrough for 2 years and has over 38 years of experience in supply chain modeling, scenario planning, parcel/express negotiations, LTL negotiations, and all modes of transportation. When asked about Scarbrough’s decision to launch a new division, Geoff explained “Because of the changes in the evolving marketplace we saw an intrinsic need for our customers to have products that really isolated specific problems that they were having in their supply chain. We see this as a great opportunity to assist our customers to become more resilient and improve their return on investment.”

Global Trade Services

Alyson Schroer boasts an 18-year career with Scarbrough starting as a receptionist and working her way up to becoming the now Senior Manager of Global Trade Services. Although she is no stranger to Consulting, she previously split a majority of her time between Compliance and Consulting. “I will now be spending 100% of my time focused on developing this side of the business which is great. I really enjoy this aspect of the company and getting to build those valuable relationships with our clients” Alyson excitedly expressed. Alyson and her team are dedicated and ready to go above and beyond to give customers the best results possible for their needs.

Scarbrough Consulting will be highlighting new and existing products throughout the next 90 days with corresponding webinars to follow. We are delighted to host these webinars to give more information and insight into all these incredible products and services that we offer.

Be on the lookout throughout the quarter as we showcase the new and improved Scarbrough Consulting.