This Guy Reinvented The Shipping Pallet.

Joann Muller with Forbes writes about Lightning Technologies answer to a “virtually indestructible, lightweight, hygienic and fire-retardant pallet with an embedded tracking chip.”  In fact, the chip records and tracks everything about the pallet all in real time including the temperature, humidity, accidents and where it is in the world at that moment.

Why would that be important?

Well, Joann Muller says it well when she states, “The high-tech pallets have logistics experts doing cartwheels.”  This is true for so many reasons including information on parties responsible for damaged goods, actual tracking inside a container, data analytics, among others.  The pallets are also extreme hygienic compared to chemically treated wood pallets when shipping foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals.  In fact, one of Lightning Technologies’ biggest customers is Costco.  Give it up to Gard, who currently sells and leases the Lightning-built pallets, and to Lightning Technologies, the creator of this fascinating smart pallet.

“We’re going to light up what’s previously been dark,” says Rex Lowe, with the company Gard, “I can totally illuminate a potato coming out of the ground all the way to a french fry going into your mouth.”


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