In short, it depends on which country a shipper plans to export to. Each country has its own rules and regulations. It is the ultimate responsibility of the shipper and/or importer of record to comply with those regulations.  Communication is key! We suggest to instantly get your freight forwarder involved to ensure a seamless exporting experience.  Most U.S. freight forwarders have a counterpart, whether it is a physical location or close partner in different regions of the world. Scarbrough happens to have local people with a local presence in every major port in the world that extend over 30 years of dedicated partnership.

As mentioned before, document requirements change depending on which country you are exporting to, so it is best to ask an export expert based on your information.  Export transportation providers do require a shippers letter of instruction or power of attorney to ship goods abroad.

If an exporter is shipping via air freight, a consent to screen form written on the exporter’s letterhead is required.

Moreover, Scarbrough requires a client application to be in place.  An exporter is also required to send its commercial invoice and packing list to the importer.


To find out if you have all the correct paperwork required to import into the United States of America, don’t hesitate to ask us or check out our required documents below.


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Required Documents:


Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney Instructions (PDF)

Power of Attorney  (PDF)
print, sign, scan and send

Electronic Power of Attorney (PDF)
download & save to desktop, then open pdf from your desktop, create digital signature (configure new digital ID), save and send

Client Application

Online Client Application

Client Application (PDF)

Additional Documents

Screening Consent (.doc)

Shipper’s Letter of Instruction (.doc)


Scarbrough de Mexico de s de rl de cvRequired Documents for doing business
between Mexico and USA

View all required documents and checklists in both Spanish and English.

Mexican Importer Requirements
U.S. Shipper or Exporter Requirements