Pet Food Export Facts

Interesting pet food export facts

“The US market remains the largest in the global pet food industry, but US’ share of the global pet export market has shrunk since 2011,” according to Tim Wall, of

Top exporters of pet food:

  1. 1.) France
  2. 2.) Germany
  3. 3.) United States of America
  4. 4.) The Netherlands

Top Markets for US pet food exports

  1. 1.) Canada
  2. 2.) Japan
  3. 3.) Mexico
  4. 4.) Australia
  5. 5.) Philippines

Japan’s imports of pet food have been declining in recent years, however, Thailand’s pet food exports to Japan have grown in this time period.

Furthermore, Tim Wall, of writes that online pet food sales “doubled between 2011 and 2016 to 3 percent, or nearly US$1 billion, of the total US$31 billion market.”  Chinese companies may be the number one buyer for internet pet food sales.  Wall states, “Chinese consumers may shop the internet to find international brands of pet foods that they can’t find locally, since China lacks the brick-and-mortar pet superstores of the US and UK. China now ranks as the top country for online pet food sales by percentage, beating out South Korea.”