Report on new DOT Regulations

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The Significant Rulemakings Report provides a summary and the status for all significant rulemakings that DOT currently has pending or has issued recently.   The information in the Report is not intended to commit DOT to specific conclusions or actions.  For example, after further analysis, DOT may decide the effects of the rule would be different or it may decide to terminate the rulemaking.

Access to the Report

Purpose of the Report

The DOT is providing this report to inform the public regarding its regulatory activities.  This information can be used in conjunction with other tools available to the public.  For instance, by using the Docket Number when it is provided in the Report, you can locate the public docket for a particular rulemaking.  By using the Federal Register citation, you can also locate the document in the Federal Register.

The DOT’s dockets can be found in the Federal Docket Management System (FDMS).  Those dockets electronically store all DOT-issued documents, supporting documents, and public comments regarding a particular rulemaking.  In addition, once in the docket, you can sign up for an email notification when particular documents are placed in the docket.

You can access an explanation of information in the report by clicking here.

Nonsignificant Rulemakings

If you are interested in information about our nonsignificant rulemakings, you can review brief summaries in the DOT semi-annual Regulatory Agenda which has the entire Unified Agenda for both significant and nonsignificant rulemakings for the Federal Government.


If you have substantive questions regarding a particular rulemaking, you may contact the responsible office directly by looking up the regulation in the semi-annual DOT Regulatory Agenda, and obtaining the contact information for that office.

Updated: Friday, November 13, 2015

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