Scarbrough Global is excited to announce it has entered into a partnership with Altana, the world’s first Value Chain Management System – a unified, comprehensive approach that goes far beyond supply chain risk management, with unprecedented visibility, contextualized AI decision support across business areas, and a collaborative network with end-to-end workflows to get jobs done.

Our partnership with Altana will allow our clients to vet new and existing suppliers and products against every compliance requirement.

Chief amongst these issues is Altana’s ability to automatically screen shipments and products across a business’ multi-tier value chains for connections to forced labor in compliance with the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA). US Customs & Border Protection uses Altana to help it enforce the UFLPA, which prohibits the import of any goods manufactured with forced labor in China, especially in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, and enhance its understanding of rapidly shifting supply chains as it works to prevent goods produced with forced labor from entering the United States.

Since 2022, US CBP has detained more than $2.4B worth of shipments that were in violation of the UFLPA, costing businesses time and money. Suppliers lose an average of $10-40M in inventory and sales due to detention of goods. On top of that, the average legal and compliance fees are $100-250K over the 40-60 days it takes to respond to detention.

Since Altana delivers more than twice the supply chain visibility of any other provider by applying AI to its vast network of public and private sector data – the largest, organized body of supply chain data in the world – our clients can proactively identify risks and potential supply chain disruptions before they become a problem.

Our customers can now automatically screen new and existing suppliers across their multi-tier value chains for forced labor exposures and take action to support compliance, saving them both time and money.

Contact your Scarbrough representative to learn more about how this platform can help your business save time and money and ensure your supply chain maintains sustainable and ethical practices.