Selling Wine to the United Kingdom

Wine and Distilleries Listen up!

At the end of January, the United States Trade Representative announced the United States and the United Kingdom have signed two agreements covering wine and distilled spirits to ensure there is no disruption in trade of these products between the United States and the UK when the UK leaves the European Union (EU). Currently the United States has agreements on wine and distilled spirits with the European Union which cover trade with the UK by virtue of its membership in the EU.

selling wine to the united kingdom


The U.S.-UK agreement on trade in wine, which includes commitments regarding wine-making practices and labeling requirements, will ensure market continuity for bilateral wine trade. The UK was the fourth largest export market for U.S. wine products in 2017, with a total value of $227 million.

The U.S.-UK agreement on the mutual recognition of certain distilled spirits/spirits drinks will continue the recognition of the names Scotch whiskey, Irish whiskey, Tennessee whiskey, Bourbon whiskey, and Bourbon in bilateral trade following the UK’s exit from the EU.  The UK was the top export market for U.S. distilled spirits in 2017, totaling $187 million.

As part of the U.S.-UK Trade and Investment Working Group, the United States and the UK are working to ensure commercial continuity for UK and U.S. businesses, workers, and consumers as the UK leaves the EU. U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer notified Congress on October 16, 2018 of the Administration’s intent to enter into trade negotiations with the UK once it leaves the EU.

Scarbrough’s Experience

Importing and exporting bottled alcohol beverages in and out of the United States is something Scarbrough has been doing for over 30 years.  In fact, our very first customer 35 years ago was McCormick Distilling Company, a distillery based in Weston, Missouri.   The company remains our customer to this day and now ships its products to over 78 countries around the world and to all 50 states.  We have highly experienced Licensed Customs brokers on staff with a background in the transportation of and regulations behind wine, beer and distilled spirits, and we are known for customizing solutions to ensure our clients are taken care of.  In fact, we partner with an array of liquor, wine and beer distributors and have even imported large machinery to help with start-up breweries and existing breweries in the United States.   With that being said, we would love to share some easy reference guides with you, as well as our expertise.  Don’t hesitate to contact our consulting team for a free consultation at

Moreover, Scarbrough has a close partner in the United Kingdom with the same expertise we hold in the United States.  Together, we share direct consolidation options both inbound and outbound to better service our clients that cannot fill a full container, if shipped ocean, or that simply want better air freight service.  Talk to us about shipping to/from the United Kingdom today and you’ll see better rates, better service, and better visibility.  Email now.

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