The Port of Long Beach has extended the life of an emergency container yard an extra six months and changed its mission as the Port of Long Beach works it way through the backlog of cargo caused by the port slowdown.

Terminals began operating a temporary depot for storage of empty containers on vacant land at Pier S in an effort to reduce long delays for drayage drivers transferring loads at marine terminals. The 30-acre yard is intended to free up precious space within terminals for loaded containers and alleviate a shortage of chassis by allowing drivers to drop empties on their way to retrieve loaded import boxes.

This facillity is now functioning as a “drop yard” similar to one recently opened at the Port of Los Angeles.

Eric Kulisch of American Shipper states,

The idea is for shuttle trucks to pull containers out of terminals and leave them at the yard on chassis for other trucks to retrieve for delivery to distribution centers throughout the metropolitan area. Truckers are expected to be able to make several more trips per day in and out of terminals and between the relay yard and customers.

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