Scarbrough Warehousing recently had new racking equipment erected at its newly-acquired, 190,000-square – a captured time lapse video shows the process.

What is Warehouse Racking?

Warehouse racking is a storage and organization system designed specifically for palletized inventory. Typically, a facility will feature many rows of racking, each one stacked high to maximize storage efficiency.

Scarbrough Warehousing uses a racking system with unique number identifiers for each pallet slot that integrates with inventory management technology. This ensures rapid storage and retrieval procedures with exceptional accuracy.

Expanding Facilities as Scarbrough Warehousing Grows Business

Scarbrough Warehousing expanded its operating capacity at its Liberty location after just a year of operations at the new facility. As e-commerce and other warehousing logistics needs grow, so did business for Scarbrough Warehousing. The company soon found itself needing a larger facility footprint.

Fortunately, an adjoining space at Liberty Logistics Park became available. Less than a year after opening its initial 226-thousand space, Scarbrough grew its KC-region facility by 84 percent.

Scarbrough Warehousing continues to grow and adapt alongside its clients. Talk to us next time your organization needs warehouse logistics services.