TMS at Your Fingertips

Apple has paved the way for the innovation of technology at our fingertips. Everyone has access to the world-wide-web directly through their smartphones at any given time.

Whether it is posting a picture on social media or responding to an urgent e-mail, the general public is now able to bypass the basic internet browser and use applications on their phones, tablets, and computers by a simple click on an app.

technology_consulting_1-1Since the beginning of this era, the apps downloaded on phones and other devices have been geared towards social media, games and personal use. We are now at a stage in technology where tools for getting your job done are actually just one click away.  We can provide better, quicker and more efficient customer service because of this.

Some can see this as a negative, such as always having access to your e-mails while on the beach during a family vacation. But on the plus side, if you need to receive an instate rate, or track a special delivery for your company for an important customer, then this is a very critical tool to have on your phone.

Scarbrough has made this leap and will be providing this access to all their customers, operations personnel, and sales force teams across the globe.

New and current customers will have access to the platform through their own personal log-in providing immediate quotes and live updates on the shipments. They can also set-up the pick-up and make any special pick-up or delivery requirements as well. If the customers rather contact their account executive at one of the local Scarbrough Offices, then the operations personnel can complete this on their behalf.

Scarbrough’s customer care team can show clients how to use this software. Clients will be able to obtain a quote and book a shipment immediately upon login of the software.

Scarbrough International is already leading the way with our Industry Trade updates, webinars and YouTube channel. We are excited to provide our clients top of the line TMS software for their domestic supply chains.


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