UASC Barzan in Zeebrugge: The Most Environmentally Friendly Ultra-Large Container Vessel

Excerpt from: AJOT | July 8 2015

M.V. ‘Barzan’ is a part of the container shipping industry’s first LNG-ready ultra-large container vessel fleet.Depositphotos_Boarding2Now

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With a loading capacity of 18,800 TEU, the DNV GL classed vessel M.V. ‘Barzan’ is first in a new class of leading ultra-large container vessels that will be the largest in UASC’s fleet to date and will set new standards for fuel and energy efficiency, due to optimized vessel design and an array of propulsion and equipment efficiency technologies. Preliminary calculations indicate an EEDI (Energy Efficiency Design Index) value that is close to 50% below the 2025 limit set by IMO.

The M.V. ‘Barzan’ has a CO2 output per TEU that is more than 60% below a 13,500 TEU vessels delivered just three years ago.

“We understand that providing envimentally friendly transport solutions and recognizing environmental initiatives around the globe are no longer a choice; they are a necessity for both our organization and our customers”, said Jørn Hinge, President and Chief Executive Officer of UASC. “

“We are increasingly servicing environmentally aware customers across the globe. We push the boundaries of eco-efficiency standards to ultimately ensure that our customers can achieve higher levels of environmental sustainability” Hinge added.

UASC’s eleven newbuild 15,000 TEU and six 18,800 TEU vessels are scheduled to be fully delivered by 2016. This year, UASC will receive a total of 10 new vessels. The UASC Barzan was handled at the APMT Terminal in Zeebrugge on the 3rd of July.