olympic 2016Do you have Temporary Imports that need to go to Brazil ?

Luckily, we have a solution for you.

With Brazilian partner, LFG Logistics, Scarbrough International, Ltd., is able to specialize in the logistics of fairs, trade shows and events, including the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics.


Scarbrough’s and LFG’s Rio Summer Olympics Program was created to assist clients outside of Brazil, as well as their clients and vendors that may be located in Brazil because of the strict regulation of Brazilian Customs.

In this case –> temporary imports.

With great expertise and knowledge, LFG’s staff, has the knowledge in the Brazilian Customs and logistics process and can assist in the entire supply chain.  To start your quote process now, please email insidesales@scarbrough-intl.com.


Here’s how it would work:

Company A exports item to Brazil. Company A work with Scarbrough to do so.

Scarbrough works with LFG to temporarily import item into Brazil.

LFG works with Company A or Company A’s client, vendor, trade show, Olympics, etc.

Company A exports item back out of Brazil and works with LFG/Scarbrough.

Company A imports item back into the USA and works with Scarbrough.

LFG’s Role in more Detail:

leadership freight group BrazilConsidering that LFG Logistics has its own import company, we can apply an agreement to act on behalf of foreign companies as consignee to receive the material and coordinate the management of event.

Further on the legal aspect, LFG Logistics has a large structure to follow each stage: receive the material, apply customs clearance, warehousing and delivery material inside of the event.


Our Brazilian Services

via partner LFG Logistics


We offer the best in logistics advisory, temporary or definitive import and material transportation for trade fairs, exhibitions and corporate events. It also offers complete advisory at the pavilion during the event’s entire execution (assembly and disassembly), empty boxes, warehousing, loading and unloading.


We are able to handle all services involved in logistics of Shows, from international transportation (air, sea and road), customs clearance, storage, and logistics management. Expertise to follow the procedures and delivery the material on time of event.


We offer a high-level service to handle the sporting events, especially when we talk about the commitment with the time and needs of each project. Considering the Olympics Game next year in Brazil, it is a great opportunity to our partners count with our support to attend it.banner_650_480

  • Consulting and Logistics Planning
  • Management of Maritime, Air and Land Freight
  • Assistance in Documentation
  • Chartering of Aircraft or Ship
  • Promotional Materials Handling
  • Storage before Fair & Exhibition
  • Transportation
  • Moving in Place (forklift, munck, platform lift, crane, )
  • Storage of Empty Cases during the Fair & Exhibition
  • Transhipment via sea or air transport
  • Customs clearance in Temporary or Definitive Admission
  • Assistance with export documentation, such as: pro form invoice, knowledge (Bill of Lading or AWB) and export declarations
  • Handling
  • Packing, Unpacking, Positioning and Installation
  • Door to Door Logistics Plan

For more information, please contact insidesales@scarbrough-intl.com.